Building Healthy Hyrbid Teams:

For the team leader who is tired of trying to manage and motivate tired and disengaged teams

Building Healthy Hybrid Teams

Get the practical tools and skills needed to manage a hybrid team that is engaged, productive and happy in just 6 short weeks.


  • Module 1: The Hybrid workplace is here to stay

    Discover the 5 key ingredients for building healthy hybrid teams,  including models and frameworks for the future of work. 

  • Module 2: The importance of belonging

    And what we are missing in the virtual world. We talk about making human connections in a virtual world.

  • Module 3: What mastery is and why it is important

    The differences between the virtual, remote and hybrid worlds. We look at how you can help your team develop mastery.

  • Module 4: Autonomy

    Building a team that maximises autonomy, independence and trust and building an outcomes based workplace. 

  • Module 5: Building generosity into your organisation

    It’s more than just giving to charity!

  • Module 6: The power of purpose and unleashing your greatness

    So much more than vision, mission and values! 

  • Module 7: The journey is the destination

    What happens after what comes next.

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When Graeme speaks the world begins to glow with possibility. He is a creative and dynamic thinker who in turn generates good thinking because he is deeply intelligent, able to think beyond the confines of any institution or mind set.


Graeme brings energy and passion and a sense of purpose to any process in which he is involved. It is a privilege to listen to Graeme; he will change your thinking; he will get you or your organization shifting.

Meg Fargher

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