Mind the Gap:

Making Sense of different generations in the workplace

Mind the Gap

This series aims to promote understanding between generations, with practical solutions for the workplace.


This course is for you if you want to know why: 

  • Your 18-year-old son isn’t interested in being a doctor – he wants to save the whales; 
  • Your grandfather gives you Big Band CDs for your birthday; 
  • Your secretary knows more than you do;
  • Your grandson calls you Peter instead of Granddad. 

  • Do you want to understand and get the most out of the different generations at work?

  • Discover why people older and younger than yourself think and act in such unexpected ways.

  • We outline the theory of generations, and give insights into each of the living generations. 

    Silent  Generation, Baby Boomers, Gen X and Millennials

  • At the heart of the programme is a series of videos

    Most are about 15 minutes in length and are designed as a stand-alone unit that is watched with questions to consider. 

  • Practical applications of Generational Theory to Business.   

    Apply your understanding of generations to the workplace.

  • Understanding generational differences will result in:

    reduced frustration, enhanced communication, better team dynamics, higher productivity, more sales and significant improvements in the way people work with each other..   

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When Graeme speaks the world begins to glow with possibility. He is a creative and dynamic thinker who in turn generates good thinking because he is deeply intelligent, able to think beyond the confines of any institution or mind set.


Graeme brings energy and passion and a sense of purpose to any process in which he is involved. It is a privilege to listen to Graeme; he will change your thinking; he will get you or your organization shifting.

Meg Fargher

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